Is A Dog Training Collar Cruel Or Genuinely Effective?

The world is filled with experts and each of them are going to have their own opinion. If you have ever had a dog or considered getting one, then you know that dog people can often be incredibly opinionated, especially when it comes to how to train a dog. Some people will advise choke collars, others say a clicker is best and some will tell you that if you want real control then a dog training collar is the only way to go. How do you decide what is the smartest and best way for you to go about training your dog? The answer is simple: research the facts and decide for yourself. What we are going to do here is look at these shock collars and see how they work as well as how training with them can go. This will let you make your own decision with more facts to back up your eventual conclusion.


What is the Purpose of Training with shock collars for dogs Today?

For starters, you need to understand what makes people turn to this kind of collar. Some people will use a choke chain and this used to be seen as effective, but now many people feel it is barbaric because it pulls the dog’s hair or jabs them in the neck. That is extremely uncomfortable and a dog that is not comfortable can scarcely be expected to pay attention to what you are trying to tell it. With a dog training collar, you can much more easily get the dogs attention and then show it what you want it to do. These collars are not designed to jolt your dog and scare or hurt it. Try one for yourself and you will see that the shock is very, very mild and is intended to be an alert, not a punishment. This is what many people do not understand: the collar is not there to punish the dog, it is the equivalent of tapping its neck with your finger. This is not harmful, but it is effective. You can issue a reminder and keep your dog connected with you, even at a distance. This works wonders today even in an environment filled with doggy distractions.

Will a dog training collar End Up Hurting My Dog Physically or Emotionally?

Not at all. Plenty of other dog training methods will cause your dog physical pain or scare them, but if you are using a quality made dog training collar the right way, there is no fear or pain being used. Instead, it is like you are reaching out and gently tapping the dog. Once the dog understands you are the one who hits that button to make the tapping sensation, they will look at you for further instructions when you tap it. Pretty soon, the collar comes off and they are still performing the same behaviors and doing it for praise, not out of fear or for treats. This is the breakthrough we all love to see.

Can Anyone Simply Start Using a dog training collar to Train Their Dog?

In a word, no. These collars can definitely work, but you need to be educated on the dog training collar you are using before you just start pushing buttons. Your dog deserves to feel confident that you know what you are doing and this means you need to get trained in the best way to use it long before you try it on your dog. Usually, you will get literature and a video guide to help you understand the best ways to use the collar or you might go to someone who will show you how to work with it. The bottom line is that you need to be educated and then you can start getting the best results with your dog.

Some Things to Consider Before You Start Using dog training collars ?

If you are working with a puppy, be sure to set the shock extremely low. The worst thing you can do is hurt or scare your dog and make them afraid of training sessions. When working with an older dog, you need to get him or her used to the situation just as carefully. Pay close attention to what you have been taught about the dog training collar you are using. Use it only as you have been shown and never, ever turn the shock up unless a professional trainer advises you to do so because you do not want to ruin the trust your dog places in you. If you have an electric fence for dogs, make sure to do your research to see which collars are compatible.